South African Income Tax Returns

Why You Should Outsource Your Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Filing season is almost upon us – time to get your personal tax affairs in order.

Some of us were born to do calculations and manage accounts, but for others, a tutorial video that explains how to use Excel is equivalent to a horror movie. Luckily, MoneyPenny is there to assist and handle these tasks for you..

For this article, we’ll focus on why it’s beneficial to outsource your income tax returns:

Everything is in order

Having all your invoices and slips in front of you is one thing, but organising and categorizing them is next-level. If you make use of our services, your income tax consultant will ensure your documentation is verified and organised in preparation for your submission to SARS.

They Know What to Look For

Income tax consultants have years and years of experience in handling personal tax returns, and that’s why they know what to look for. They’ll be able to pick up on possible savings that you didn’t even know could be tax deductible.

File Income Tax Returns on Time

We understand that you are busy, and that’s exactly why outsourced services exist. Instead of cracking under pressure by trying to submit the last-minute, outsource this task. Your submission will be finalised before you can even ask ‘when is it due’?

Professional guidance and advice

The best part of outsourcing your personal or company tax is the fact that you’ll have peace of mind. Whenever you have any tax or account-related queries, you have someone to contact that will explain the tricky terms and conditions to you.

*Take note that the 2018 Tax Season will be shortened by three weeks, effectively running from the 1st of July until the end October of this year. If you’re not using eFiling, the deadline for manual submissions is 21 September 2018.

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